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    Easy Comply Vertical Extension


    Say goodbye to the power drill, framing, drywall patching, paint and expensive non-round fire extinguishers! Easy Comply Vertical Extensions can be mounted to almost any surface including walls and structural columns without the need for framing, patching or painting!

    The Easy Comply Vertical Extension was designed with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Section 307.2 Protrusion Limits and NFPA-101 4″ Projecting Object Rules in mind. The unique design allows any object the projects more than 4″ off of the mounting surface to comply with a variety of projecting object limitations by providing a 4″ extension from 27″ off of the floor up to the bottom of the desired object.  Fire Extinguishers, AED devices and hand sanitizers are good examples, as they are often mounted higher than the allowable height based on their projection from the surface.

    The patent-pending living hinge design allows the extension to rotate 90⁰ in either direction if bumped by passing carts, gurneys or people, safely returning back to center every time.

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