Why Easy Comply?

Projecting Objects Can Cause Injury

Fire Extinguishers, defibrillators, hand sanitizers and other common surface mounted objects are often placed high off the floor to prevent accidental injury from bumping or dislodging when passing by. This is especially true in retail stores (shopping carts), healthcare facilities (gurneys) and other high traffic areas.

Unfortunately, when an object projects off of the surface more than 4″ and is mounted above a certain height, it is often not detectable by people who are visually impaired and can lead to injuries.

Easy Comply solutions (such as the Vertical Extension seen in the image) were designed to bring these objects into compliance in an easy and affordable way without the need for professional installers!

Blind person with cane at retail store animation

ADA 2010 Standards & NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Compliant Surface Mounted Cabinets

Easy Comply Cabinet

Easy Comply Cabinet Rotating GIF
Easy Comply Cabinet installs into standard size walls without framing, patching or painting

Recess into a standard 4″ wall without the need to frame, patch or paint

Installation is as simple as 1, 2, 3 …

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Low Cost & Easy to Install ADA Standards & NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Signage to Meet Projecting Object Requirements

Extinguishers and other objects can now comply at their same mounting height. The Vertical Extension enables easy detection and Also doubles as an indicator!

Extension rotates 180° to allow carts, gurneys, etc. to easily pass by

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Easy Comply Vertical Extension

Easy Comply Vertical Extension with Shopping Cart
With the Easy Comply Vertical Extension installed under objects like fire extinguishers, shopping carts can pass by without dislodging the object from the surface.


We hope you enjoy our compilation of product, explainer and educational videos on our solutions and related content.

Easy Comply Cabinet Explainer

Easy Comply Cabinet Overview

Easy Comply Cabinet Installation

Easy Comply Vertical Extension Explainer

Easy Comply Vertical Extension Installation

ADA Protrusion Limits Explainer

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